Maybe you know someone, who loves video-games. Maybe you are trying to fing the perfect present for him, and also maybe, you do not know, what to choose. Well, for lovers of video-games, especilly shooting games, there are many options, what to give them. At first, you can choose some statues of their favourite characters, of maybe some merch products, like t-shirts, hoodies, phone case, or, for example, pillows, or anything else.


Another option if a new video-game, maybe some comics about their favourite game. You have a lot`s of possibilities, how and what to choose as a nice present. But if you are trying to fing the perfect one, the unforgettable one, and also the interesting one, we have the perfect enjoyment for you! It does not even metter, what game your friend, or family member likes, it can be Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Battleground, or anything else. We are sure, that your friend will never forget this fantastic advanture!


What are we talking about? Just look – Shooting range Prague! This shooting range if offering you some shooting enjoyment, ofcourse with a proffesional, quality, and skilled instructor. You have four possible options, which are for the begginers, but also for those, who are on the shooting range like at home. At first, you can choose a Triple X back, which is about sixty-five euros for person. This option includes thirty shots with Glock (9mm), Pump action shotgun, and also AK 47 Kalashnikov. Another possibility is called Call of Duty, whis is about one hundred and fifteen euros for person, and this option insludes seventy shots with Glock (9mm), Dirty Harry.44 revolver, Hekler n` Koch.45 cal. pistol, Uzi, AR15, Pump action shotgun, AK 47 Kalashnikov, and also CZ 550 Varmint sniper rifle 308. winchester. Another option is called Dirty Harry, and this includes Glock (9mm), Dirty Harry.44, Uzi, AR15, and more. Last option – Army pack, includes Uzi, AR15, Pump action shotgun, AK47 Kalashnikov, and again, CZ 550 Varmint spiner rifle 308. winchester.